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For developers of mods

These instructions are from pre-Gloomrot and are being revamped for the new patch


How to make a VRising Mod

  1. Install BepInEx IL2CPP x64 version from this page (either into VRising or VRising_Server, depending on what you wanna mod):
  2. Run the game, it should create unhollowed dll’s under this folder: {steamfolder}\steamapps\common\VRising\BepInEx\unhollowed
  3. Follow to the tutorial: Please note that you need to use the il2cpp template, use the following commands:
    dotnet new -i BepInEx.Templates --nuget-source
    dotnet new bep6plugin_il2cpp -n VRising.TestPlugin2
  4. Your csproj file should look like this, change to your steam library path, if you are working on a server mod then add \VRising_Server to the end (I know it’s a lot, just simplifies things):

  1. To get decompiled method dumps etc: Download the Cpp2IL-2022.0.5-Windows.exe from into an empty folder, then open a command prompt / powershell / etc. in that folder and run this command Cpp2IL-2022.0.5-Windows.exe –analysis-level=4 –game-path=”{PATH\TO\YOUR\GAME\FOLDER}” –exe-name=”Vrising” –analyze-all –parallel don’t folder to change {PATH\TO\YOUR\GAME\FOLDER} with full path of your game folder.

  2. Sample project from Night

  3. To debug your plugin using Visual Studio:

    1. Install Visual Studio Tools for Unity using Visual Studio Installer. You can find the component behind Individual components tab.
    2. Edit doorstop_config.ini (either in VRising or VRising_Server folder, depending on what you are modding) and change debugEnabled to true.
    3. Launch the game (or server) with the plugin.
    4. In Visual Studio goto Debug / Attach Unity Debugger, click to Input IP, enter

Credit @adainrivers for original instructions.

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