Migrating plugins for 1.0

This version of game libs privately packages the interop changes from above with the already interop’d client assemblies. This avoids the need for the MSBuild task creating the interop and is intended to get developers rolling on release date.

.csproj changes

    <PackageReference Include="BepInEx.Unity.IL2CPP" Version="6.0.0-be.691" IncludeAssets="compile" />
    <PackageReference Include="BepInEx.Core" Version="6.0.0-be.691" IncludeAssets="compile" />
    <PackageReference Include="VRising.Unhollowed.Client" Version="1.0.*" />

Using Changes

PrefabGUID calls need using Stunlock.Core;

Namespace Changes (can find replace)

  • FixedString64 -> FixedString64Bytes
  • GetExistingSystem -> GetExistingSystemManaged