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Resources for Mod Developers

Unity Explorer

Unity Explorer is a tool that allows you to dig into the internal structure of the game while it’s running.

Thunderstore Version

UnityExplorer IL2CPP at Thunderstore

Building from source

Unity Explorer can be built from source and installed manually:


  1. Install BepInEx in VRising
  2. Install the .NET 6 SDK via manual download or winget (winget install Microsoft.DotNet.SDK.6)

Build Instructions

  1. Clone
  2. In a terminal in the UnityExplorer directory, run dotnet build -c BIE_Cpp_CoreCLR .\src\UnityExplorer.csproj. This will build the plugin.
  3. Copy all of the files in the Release\Release\UnityExplorer.BepInEx.IL2CPP.CoreCLR subdirectory to the BepInEx plugin directory at <steamapps>\common\VRising\BepInEx\plugins.
  4. The next time you run the game with BepInEx, the Unity Explorer UI will be overlayed in the game. See for more information about how to use it.

Debugging with using Visual Studio (untested)

  1. Install Visual Studio Tools for Unity using Visual Studio Installer. You can find the component behind Individual components tab.
  2. Edit doorstop_config.ini (either in VRising or VRising_Server folder, depending on what you are modding) and change debugEnabled to true.
  3. Launch the game (or server) with the plugin.
  4. In Visual Studio goto Debug / Attach Unity Debugger, click to Input IP, enter

Cpp2IL Decompiled Method Dumps

Download Cpp2IL-2022.0.5-Windows.exe into an empty folder, then open a command prompt / powershell / etc. in that folder and run this command:

Cpp2IL-2022.0.5-Windows.exe --analysis-level=4 --game-path="{PATH\TO\YOUR\GAME\FOLDER}" --exe-name="Vrising" --analyze-all --parallel (change {PATH\TO\YOUR\GAME\FOLDER} to the full path of your game folder).