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Here’s a list of open source mods you can reference.

Mod Name Author Description Repository
Wetstone molenzwiebel Wetstone is a plugin API for creating mods for V Rising. If you are a mod developer, using Wetstone allows you to take advantage of tools like hot reloading, easy hooks and extensions, and user-friendly configuration. GitHub
RPGMods Kaltharos Server only mod for RPG system which also include ChatCommands with bug fixes. GitHub
Lead A Horse To Water deca A V-Rising mod that lets your horses drink water from wells. GitHub
VMods WhiteFang5 VMods is a selection of Mods for V-Rising made using a common/shared codebase that all follow the same coding principals and in-game usage. GitHub
AutoCloseDoors Kaltharos Server only mod for Auto Close Doors. GitHub
Random Encounters Adain This server side mod spawns a random NPC near a random online player at random intervals, and the player wins a random item reward if the NPC is killed within the given time limit. GitHub
AdminSpy KinetsuDEV Server side only mod to notify users about admin actions. GitHub
HuntControl denoflionsx V Rising mod that makes missions progress when the game is closed GitHub
Dueller Paps Server only mod for Duel focused server. GitHub
NetEvents AviiNL The end goal of this project is to wrap every network event in an easy to use C# Event API. GitHub
SkanksAIO Paps AIO mod by Skanks. GitHub
QuickStash Elmegaard A mod that uses Compulsively Count on all nearby stashes with 1 click. GitHub
VampireCommandFramework deca Framework for VRising mods to Easily build chat commands. GitHub
VRising Game Data Adain A work in progress game data framework and general utilities for V Rising mods. GitHub
Track Crafts armanckeser A client side plugin which adds the ability to pin multiple crafting recipes. GitHub
ChatCommands NopeyBoi Server side mod with various chat commands. GitHub
Sleeping-Speeds-Time Blargerist A V Rising server mod that makes time pass faster while sleeping in a coffin. GitHub
V Rising Troublemaker AviiNL Rcon commands for Troublemaker Twitch extension. GitHub
QuickBrazier harminded Auto turn on/off Braziers based on time of day. GitHub
VBloodKills syllabicat Sends system message when killing VBlood bosses. GitHub
Modern Camera v-rising Makes the camera more like an action MMO camera. GitHub
PPRising vildaberper A collection of QoL-features. GitHub
V Rising Server Manager Lacyway Tool to install, update and run a V Rising Server on Windows OS. Also includes a game and server settings editor. GitHub
Guardian 2 jokeruarwentto A simple whitelist system to let you choose who can connect on your server. GitHub
PopupTotals matt-harp A mod to show the total amount of an item in your inventory while collecting resources. GitHub
HideInterface jokeruarwentto Toggle the game interface with F11 key, now with a keybinding through in-game settings to set your own custom key! GitHub
RemoveVignette iZastic Removes Vignette. GitHub
iZastic iZastic Automatically skips the ready screen when loaded. GitHub
ChatLineColorMod Trodi A client mod that adds channel name and changes the color of the chat input text as the color of the channel where you are typing. It also replaces text strings with emojis. GitHub
Notify Trodi A mod that notifies when a user connects or disconnects from the server, new user connect from the server, when a player kills a VBlood boss, Message of the day system and auto announce system that runs every certain interval. GitHub
ServerLaunchFix MythicManiac Enable mods for single player and host & play. GitHub
HideUiMod Trodi Client side mod to hide the game UI. GitHub
CasualSiege Kaltharos A server side mod to protect offline players from being sieged. GitHub
Shut The Fort Up deca Opens or closes all your doors and/or windows with a single command. GitHub
BloodyShop Trodi Mod to create a store in V Rising (with optional client UI). GitHub
WordBanisher Paps Banish Up to Ten Words. GitHub