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Manually installing BepInEx

If you’re manually installing mods, you need to install BepInEx, you can find it on thunderstore. This page guides you through how to unzip the contents and put them in the correct location.


You will see a folder called BepInExPack__Rising, we will be moving the contents from folder, not this folder itself:


Inside BepInExPack_VRising:




You will be copying all of these files out to the destination game folder.

For Clients

Find your game folder, it’s typically something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VRising, but you can open this folder precisely by right clicking on the game in steam > manage > browse game files. image

Client correctly installed


Windows Dedicated Server

Same as above, except the folder is VRisingDedicatedServer

Linux Hosted Server corrected installed


Start game/server after moving all files

This will take a few minutes while BepInEx prepares to load mods for the game. This process will happen on clean installs and game updates. You can tell if it’s in the correct place because you will have a BepInEx/LogOutput.log generated and if your running a game client you will see a console Window also open with the BepInEx output.