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How to create and edit files

This wiki is built with markdown and hosted on GitHub. All pages have an Edit this page on GitHub link at the bottom. You make your changes in markdown and then submit them to be merged into the website.

For new files click the Add new page link in the sidebar,

  1. Update the FILE_NAME and path above the editor, you can backspace to change directory if appropriate
  2. Set the title and parent at top of this doc, this metadata controls the side navigation
  3. You can find more info:
  4. After you’re done, scroll down and please start a pull request 😊

If you see something that can be contributed, please don’t let worry about format or correctness stop you, know there’s a review process and everything can be undone. If you’ve never used GitHub before, this is a good chance to acclimate.

Including Screenshots

You can just paste images while inside the GitHub markdown editor and it will upload them and create the markup. These images work on the deployed wiki. Please only use images cropped to the subject area (e.g. Windows: alt+print screen - capture window, Win+Shift+s - Snipping Tool).