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Release Candidates

You won’t read this, you’re here for links, but if you do:

These are still considered in testing, use at your own risk

  • BepInEx Experimental 1.668.2 - 5/31 - now should work without vcredist, tested on linux, requires .net 6.0. Needs vcredist, probably not gonna work on shared host provider



Work in Progress

  • Wetstone (no CI) - Use the 1.3.1 pre-release until CI is setup.
  • QuickStash - Use the release here until the original mod is updated.
  • RPGMods - Parts of it

Not Started

ATTN: Modders

Please adopt mod you want that don’t have active maintainers and list above that you’re working on it, try to ping them on our discord first if possible.

Everything not listed or edit this page please